2. "Ate, plain rice po instead of garlic rice yung sa bangus." Yan ata yung sabi ko kanina. Hahaha okay.

  3. I love snacking on dried fruits but this one isn’t exactly my favorite. It’s like some solidified cough syrup. I didn’t even get to eat everything inside. Shaaaaaaame. :(

  4. Glitter break!!! Tony Moly Nail Enamel Trendy in TR08 <3 #nails

  5. Umaga na pala huhu. Gusto ko na matulog. Konting tiis na lang, matatapos din namin yung manus for Plant Design. Mehehe. Fighting~! <3

  6. Death by glitters!!! Revlon Nail Lacquer in Graceful + DIY nail glitters <3

  7. Hi loves! Next time ulit hehe <3 @maiii00 @ayankins


  8. FCUK.

    My head feels like it’s gonna split into two halves anytime now. Fucking migraine, it’s been bugging me for weeks now. I think I’m gonna have to wear glasses again. Oh, I hope not. But seriously, this migraine is draining the life out of me. Fucker.

  10. I guess I’ll never get tired of glitters. Haha! <3 #nails #gold #glitters